After that…(Fagassent)

I wrote. nobody could buy the denim of his brand.

But some shops in Japan decide to sell his.

This incident proved that his denims are excellent so much.

I was very glad and was impressed. Please check his future brand.

Official → fagassent

Web store → Royal Roc

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A Japanese denim brand(Fagassent)

There is a town of textile industry, one of largest in the world” near my home town.

The denim cloth handled there is with great value and highly evaluated because of careful manufacturing method and practice based on traditional technics.

Recently, a bland of products mainly made of denim was launched by a young designer and it is now promoted toward overseas. Fagassent



He, the designer, studied fashion in London and finish products of London-born design with Japanese quality. Fagassent His design is very novel, or I dare say, sadistic. But its original taste attracts people who actually hold his denim products in hand.


Lots of people support his bland, but I feel he is slightly wrong in the manner of promoting his bland.

I cannot buy the products of his bland anywhere,,,even in Japan.

Moreover, he rarely promote in Japanese,,,,,. For Japanese people, unless he dispatch messages in Japanese, his in English is just a decoration, and it looks like nothing but his narcissism.


I can’t deny the high price of products of that quality, but I can’t help feeling impatient as I can’t buy them. Fagassent This bland will be more highly evaluated in future. Denim gets more valuable as it gets older.


Fagassent While it has rarity, I want you to know, and to think about the answer to the messages that he continues dispatching.

Fagassent Official WEB

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From Hiroshima to the world

On August 6, 2010, time has passed for 65 years since an atomic bomb fell over Hiroshima.


I joined an activity hoping peace held in Hiroshima for the first time.

 Paper cranes to wish for the world in peace and without useless war. 

 It has been told for long time “Your dream comes true if you make a thousand of paper cranes”

Believing in it and entrusting paper cranes with wish for peace.

 I, together with friends, made 2,100 of paper cranes.


 I dedicated them, together with lots of prayers and wishes of my friends, in front of the figure of child of atomic bomb tragedy. 

Lots of people gathered there from all over the world.

Not asking who were wrong, telling children never to repeat this tragedy again.

We can wish for peace now as we have the past. 

Japan is in peace. We tend to take it as nothing special in daily life. 

But, today is made from yesterday. 

I pray from the bottom of my heart.

I, together with my friends, want to aim for the world without war as much as possible.

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 Today, our home cerebrats Hina-Matsuri for Small Maiko.

Hina-Matsuri is an event to wish healthy growth of girls.

When a girl is born, we choose and buy Hina dolls of which the top lady lools like her.

We also wish she will get married soon. Hina-Matsuri is basically a small festival held in each family.

But, in this season, big events displaying traditional Hina dolls are also held in everywhere in Japan 

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A day good for "kimono"


I joined a event called “A day good for kimono” at Tomono Ura, the town famous for the animation movie “Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea” of Studio Ghibli.

There are few people who wear “kimono” even in Japan recently, so events are often held to promote “kimono” style.

Lots of people kindly took pictures of Small Maiko.

I wish lots of people feel affection to this “kimono”.



A day good for




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Good Design RADIO


A radio which has been for about 30 years in the old house where Maiko spent her early days.

A half broken radio which has been there to be noticed by no one recently.

Marked by the names, "National", Panasonic", and "Matsushita Denko".

With a calender and for AM only.

Its sound tells me its oldness. It now sounds "ZZZZZ…" that is good and smooth for my ears.

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Cherry blossoms fall


Cherry blossoms bloom and fall in very short time.

I feel the image in my heart looks like my love story.

It's similar to my heart at the time when I have to say bye after I spend a while with my sweetheart.

I always feel time flies when I'm with him. I'm really pleased when cherry blossoms bloom. But, I really feel sorrow when they fall.

When I meet my sweetheart, my heart is filled. But, the time to say bye is too sorrow.

How long do I think about this feeling?

How many years do I spend like this?

Do you have anyone who you like to meet now?

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